Annotated Corpora about Ethos of Historical Figures

  • Pereira Fariña, Martín
  • Koszowy, Marcin
  • Budzynska, Katarzyna
This folder contains an annotated corpora composed by six with six different debates in their orginal languages about a variety of cultural objects related with the following historical figures. More information about this research can be found in the following papers: (i) Budzynska, K., Koszowy, M. & Pereira-Fariña, M. Associating Ethos with Objects: Reasoning from Character of Public Figures to Actions in the World. Argumentation (2021).; (ii) Pereira-Fariña, M. Koszowy, M. & Budzynska, K. ‘It was Never Just About the Statue’ Ethos of Historical Figures in Public Debates on Contested Cultural Objects. Discourse & Society. Fortcoming.
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