'El yacimiento de Sela (Jordania) La expansión imperial neo-babilónica en el altiplano de Edom a mediados del I milenio a.C.[The Site of Sela (Jordan)]

  • Da Riva, Rocío
The site of as-Sila has been identified with Edomite Sela, frequently mentioned in the Bible. The site was important in the Iron Age (as demonstrated by the presence of many structures and the Neo-Babylonian cuneiform rock-inscription of king Nabonidus, 556-539 BCE), and also during the Nabatean and Roman periods. The survey work at Sela has revealed a very large site with a considerable number of structures related to water, and architectonic structures of varying sizes: rock-cut houses, remains of rock-cut large buildings, towers, etc. A comprehensive study of the site would help us to analyse the relationship between the Neo-Babylonian Empire and the West (Edom) in the context of Nabonidus' Arabian campaigns.