Testing protest paradigm in femicide protests in Mexican press

  • Gutiérrez Aldrete, Mariana
Dataset que acompanya la tesi doctoral "El tratamiento del feminicidio en medios de comunicación en México" juntament amb el dataset "Marcos de feminicidio en la prensa mexicana", This Data set consist of the coding of 2521 articles from national Mexican newspapers, composed by 1028 articles from El Universal, 966 from Reforma and 527 from Excélsior. It is corresponding to a research that analyzes the representation of the protests against femicide in Mexican press, and the opportunities reached by the social movement in the public discourse. Previous studies found tendency for negative representations of social movements in the media in the so-called 'protest paradigm', this means that the attention obtained not necessary guarantee the reproduction of movement's discourse. We use the paradigm approach and test the degree of adherence. It was registered the media attention to femicide issue for a period of 41 months in three national newspapers. The corpus was examined thorough using quantitative content analysis technique, with variables that measure the stories' emphasis, prominence, legitimation and tone for social movements and authorities, to compare between the two actors.
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