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  • Garcia Hernando, Rafael
The project is called Abaddon, which was developed in team at the Glyndwr University. The team name is called Celestial, a group of four students. The team has an external student from the Art department of the university who help with the Concept Art. Each member of the team has its own role within the project. But all members work together on the 3D modelling aspect of the project. The most important requirements in Glyndwr University if you are doing Computer Game Development are developing a game and in team due to the huge amount of work that it involves. The initial concept of the project was started in the summer of 2012. We choosed Abaddon as a name, because it is the main antagonist of the Devil and the player will experience the main characters travel through the depths of hell. The game is set in the mid-19th century in a northern city and the character has come back home . The player would experience and play through the seven stages of hell and the main character's experience off loss and depression. At the end, we kept it simple in a single map with more than ten minutes to play. The project consists in a game of a unique level where our 3D objects, some of our characters and sound are displayed. Notice that not all the work could be included due to the amount of time.

Minimal controller synthesis for a full-bridge buck inverter

  • Mastronardi, Alessandro
The main objective of this research study is the control of a DC-AC full-bridge buck-based inverter through an extension of Model reference adaptive control (MRAC) strategy, in particular the Extended Minimal Controller Synthesis. This approach requires minimal knowledge of plant and disturbance parameters offering a good robustness even in presence of parameters variation, plant unmodeled nonlinearities and external disturbances. The rejection of undesirable effects of sudden load changes and the ability to recover regular operation with a low transient error, in a short number of periods and the high robustness guarantee that high performance is kept when the control signal is injected through a PWM generator switching at realistic frequency., Incoming

Correlation between chemical treatment and the superficial and mechanical properties of zirconia Abstract

  • Sapunenko Gleb
The main goal of the project is to understand the mechanisms of chemical etching to obtain superficial roughness for biomedical applications. The material studied in this project is Yttria Tetragonal Zirconia Polycristal (3Y- TZP). The project is divided in four different parts in order to better understand the microstructure and the damage of different etching conditions. The first one is related to evaluate the different levels of roughness of zirconia, mainly by advanced techniques such as profilometer and atomic force microscopy (AFM). In the second part, the mechanical responses by nanoindentation generated under sharp indentation will be detailed by: laser confocal microscopy and AFM for superficial damage, and focused ion beam (FIB) for sub-superficial damage. A third part involves the statistical study of fracture by Weibull analysis. Finally, the tribological properties of the different speciments will be studied by nanoscratch and wear resistance. These tests permit to understand wether the chemical attacks leave the material's mechanical properties unchanged, with different levels of roughness., Incoming

Finance of a Global Universities Network to assist SMEs on International Trade

  • Vilanova Pérez, Joan
El present projecte consisteix en el disseny d’un pla estratègic de finançament per a una idea de negoci la qual esta molt a prop d’esdevenir una petita empresa d’innovació. En primer lloc, l’estudi s’encarrega de calcular quins son els pressuposts necessaris per començar l’activitat empresarial i d’expansió després d’un any de funcionament. Seguidament s’analitzen totes les possibles fonts de finançament adequades, des de préstecs participatius passant pels Business Angels fins a subsidis per la innovació i la recerca del programa europeu Horitzó 2020, per les dues respectives situacions. Amb l’objectiu de definir quines son les combinacions de fonts encertades, en el criteri personal de selecció es suma el resultat obtingut d’una eina de decisió dissenyada específicament per a la selecció de recursos de recolzament financers, capaç de proporcionar una proposta de solució objectiva. Finalment es presenta un pla d’acció que ens proporciona quins i com s’han d’executar els passos per tal d’assolir l’objectiu amb èxit, implementats en els múltiples documents necessaris per sol·licitar les solucions adoptades.

Integration of renewable energies in Southeast Asia

  • Roger Figuerola, Albert
The current energy demand growth rates of Southeast Asia (SEA) and their fossil fuel-based generation-mix represent the main barrier to CO2 emissions reduction in the region. Furthermore this region is particularly affected by the global warming effects. Thus the reduction of CO2 emissions should be a priority concerning the energy policy of this region. Owing to the large potentials of intermittent renewable energies (RE), such as wind and Sun, these are called to play a decisive function in this challenge. Nevertheless for exploiting these potentials, the integration of these types of RE has to be studied. This will be the question that will occupy us along this work. In 2005 a model simulating the grid, comprising the changes of the intermittent RE, was developed by Nina Heitmann in the Max Planck Institut for Plasma Physics. In this thesis we have adapted this URBS-model to simulate the grid of nine countries of SEA: Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. For using the model we have realized a broad literature research, with the objective of obtaining some of the input data of our model such as: installed capacity, load demand, and interconnections, among others. Apart from this literature research, we have built a model for simulating the load curves, and we performed an analysis of the wind and Sun time series, later used in the model. Afterwards and with the aim of modeling the effects of the integration of RE in SEA, different scenarios were created. Through reducing the CO2 emission’s limit of the grid in successive scenarios, the integration of the RE was simulated. Then different scenarios were created simulating the interconnection possibilities and the different wind potentials. After the evaluation of the results we could concretely determinate which configurations were economically-optimal for the integration of the RE, as well as defining the minimum requirements for the grid conversion to a 100% RE generation-mix., Outgoing

Rostres d'una generació que somia

  • Barea Gregori, Elena
My project consists of four television episodes about 13 minutes long, and on each one of them are shown a report about three young artists, showing the Faces of a generation that dreams. The project itself intents to accomplish the following objectives: creating a professional work team along with the fellows production team; carry out the whole realization of an audiovisual production; working in different visual and technical resources on each episode, making them visually attractive and dynamic. With an equitable roles distribution in the process, we worked as specified in this reflective report to achieve a professional worthy result.

Give 'Em war: the spanish metal scene

  • Esteve Monreal, Oscar
GIVE ‘EM WAR is a 45-minute musical documentary that focuses on the Spanish Metal situation nowadays. Famous bands such as Angelus Apatrida and newcomers like Overdead agree in the global feeling that achieving the success isn’t easy at all but the effort is worth it. The Angelus Apatrida’s song “Give ‘Em War” gives title to a documentary recorded during six months following twenty Spanish Metal bands to more than fifteen concerts.

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