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Case studies to integrate and promote global issues in STEM education

  • Global Dimension in Engineering Education
This publication is an output of the project “Integrate and Promote Global Issues in Scientific-Technical Education”. This project was implemented with the funding of Barcelona City Hall and the support of UPC’s Civil Engineering School Teaching Innovation Programme and UPC’s Cooperation for Development Centre, and under the umbrella of the project “Global Dimension in Engineering Education (GDEE)”. To access the 6 case studies that make up the publication, activate "Related documents"., This publication presents a set of teaching materials to enable professors to practically implement in the classroom the cross-cutting competence of “Sustainability and Social Commitment” linked to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These materials are based on real-life experiences and are presented in the form of case studies: 1. Tanzanian’s Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Programme: Introduction to Economy and Calculus for Engineering / 2. Algebra and Large-Scale Dam Assessment: The Case of Merowe Dam in Sudan / 3. Exploring the Use of Recycled Aggregates in Concrete Mix Proportion: An Alternative for Haiti? / 4. Widening Horizons to the Design of a Pre-Stressed Concrete Slab: A Case Study in Barcelona / 5. Dimensioning a Drinking Water Distribution Network in Collique (Lima): Introduction to the Human Right to Water and Sanitation / 6. Multivariate Analysis and Indices Construction: Data Mining Applied to the Rural Water and Sanitation Sector in Honduras.

The works of Jonathan Swift, D.D. Dean of Saint Patrick's, Dublin :

  • Swift, Jonathan
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The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Biblia N.T Inglés

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The history of the decline and fall of the Roman empire

  • Gibbon, Edward
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Letters between the Ld. George Digby, and Sr. Kenelm Digby kt., concerning religion

  • Bristol, George Digby, Earl of, 1612-1677
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Educational Journeys and Changing Lives. Adult Student Experiences.

  • Merrill, Barbara
  • González Monteagudo, José
  • Bron, Agnieszka
  • Bamber, John
  • Owen, Jenny
  • Lewis, Margaret
  • Lucio-Villegas Ramos, Emilio Luis
  • López Górriz, Isabel
  • Jurado Jiménez, María Dolores
  • Kostulski, Katia
  • Merrill, Barbara (Coordinador)
  • González Monteagudo, José (Coordinador)

Negotiating with a logical-linguistic protocol in a dialogical framework

  • Martínez-Cazalla, Maria Dolors
  • Rahman, Shahid (Coordinador)
This book is the result of years of reflection. Some time ago, while working in commodities, the author felt how difficult it was to decide the order in which to use arguments during a negotiation process. What would happen if we translated the arguments into cards and played them according to the rules of the Bridge game? The results were impressive. There was potential for improvement in the negotiation process. The investigation went deeper, exploring players, cards, deals and the information concealed in the players´ announcements, in the cards and in the deals. This new angle brought the research to NeuroLinguistic Patterns and cryptic languages, such as Russian Cards. In the following pages, the author shares her discovery of a new application for Logical Dialogues: Negotiations, tackled from basic linguistic structures placed under a dialogue form as a cognitive system which ‘understands’ natural language, with the aim to solve conflicts and even to serve peace.

Incompressible Lagrangian fluid flow with thermal coupling

  • Aubry, Romain
  • Idelsohn Barg, Sergio Rodolfo
  • Oñate Ibáñez de Navarra, Eugenio
In this monograph is presented a method for the solution of an incompressible viscous fluid flow with heat transfer and solidification usin a fully Lagrangian description on the motion. The originality of this method consists in assembling various concepts and techniques which appear naturally due to the Lagrangian formulation.

Topics in environmental and physical geodesy

  • Redondo Apraiz, José Manuel
A compilation of mathematical techniques and physical basic knowledge in order to prepare the post graduate students of the subjects of physical geodesy, environmental physics and the visiting students of Erasmus-Socrates projects of the Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography of Toulon and the Campus Universitari de la Mediterrania in Vilanova i la Geltru, Barcelona.

IV Seminar for Advanced Industrial Control Applicactions

  • Pozo Montero, Francesc
  • Balsa Escalante, Pedro
  • Zapateiro, Mauricio
  • Rodellar Benedé, José

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