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Vigilancia centinela de Infección Respiratoria Aguda en Atención Primaria (IRAs) y en Hospitales (IRAG) Gripe, COVID-19 y VRS. Semana 02/2024 (del 8 al 14 de enero de 2024). Nº 165. 18 de enero de 2024.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Instituto de Salud Carlos III. Centro Nacional de Epidemiología

En la semana 02/2024, se consolida el descenso de actividad gripal en España, con un pico de incidencia en Atención primaria en la última semana del año 2023 y un pico de hospitalización por gripe en la primera semana del año 2024.La hospitalización por COVID-19 disminuye, especialmente en pacientes de 80 o más años, mientras que la de infección por VRS disminuye en menores de 1 año y mantiene su ascenso en pacientes de 80 o más años., No

Tumor immune microenvironment of primary prostate cancer with and without germline mutations in homologous recombination repair genes.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Trigos, Anna Sofia, Pasam, Anupama, Banks, Patricia, Wallace, Roslyn, Guo, Christina, Keam, Simon, Thorne, Heather, kConFab, Mitchell, Catherine, Lade, Stephen, Clouston, David, Hakansson, Alexander, Liu, Yang, Blyth, Benjamin, Murphy, Declan, Lawrentschuk, Nathan, Bolton, Damien, Moon, Daniel, Darcy, Phil, Haupt, Ygal, Williams, Scott G, Castro, Elena, Olmos, David, Goode, David, Neeson, Paul, Sandhu, Shahneen

Aberrations in homologous recombination repair (HRR) genes are emerging as important biomarkers for personalized treatment in prostate cancer (PCa). HRR deficiency (HRD) could affect the tumor immune microenvironment (TIME), potentially contributing to differential responses to poly ADP-ribose polymerase (PARP) inhibitors and immune checkpoint inhibitors. Spatial distribution of immune cells in a range of cancers identifies novel disease subtypes and is related to prognosis. In this study we…

Tumor microenvironment gene expression profiles associated to complete pathological response and disease progression in resectable NSCLC patients treated with neoadjuvant chemoimmunotherapy.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Casarrubios, Marta, Provencio, Mariano, Nadal, Ernest, Insa, Amelia, Del Rosario García-Campelo, María, Lázaro-Quintela, Martín, Dómine, Manuel, Majem, Margarita, Rodriguez-Abreu, Delvys, Martinez-Marti, Alex, De Castro Carpeño, Javier, Cobo, Manuel, López Vivanco, Guillermo, Del Barco, Edel, Bernabé, Reyes, Viñolas, Nuria, Barneto Aranda, Isidoro, Massuti, Bartomeu, Sierra-Rodero, Belén, Martinez-Toledo, Cristina, Fernández-Miranda, Ismael, Serna-Blanco, Roberto, Romero, Atocha, Calvo, Virginia, Cruz-Bermúdez, Alberto

Neoadjuvant chemoimmunotherapy for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) has improved pathological responses and survival rates compared with chemotherapy alone, leading to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval of nivolumab plus chemotherapy for resectable stage IB-IIIA NSCLC (AJCC 7th edition) without ALK or EGFR alterations. Unfortunately, a considerable percentage of tumors do not completely respond to therapy, which has been associated with early disease progression. So far, it is…

Deepening the knowledge of rare diseases dependent on angiogenesis through semantic similarity clustering and network analysis.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Pagano-Márquez, Raquel, Córdoba-Caballero, José, Martínez-Poveda, Beatriz, Quesada, Ana R, Rojano, Elena, Seoane, Pedro, Ranea, Juan A G, Ángel Medina, Miguel

Angiogenesis is regulated by multiple genes whose variants can lead to different disorders. Among them, rare diseases are a heterogeneous group of pathologies, most of them genetic, whose information may be of interest to determine the still unknown genetic and molecular causes of other diseases. In this work, we use the information on rare diseases dependent on angiogenesis to investigate the genes that are associated with this biological process and to determine if there are interactions…

Clot Stiffness Measured By Seer Sonorheometry As a Marker Of Poor Prognosis In Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients.

Repositorio: Repisalud
López-Jaime, Francisco José, Fernández-Bello, Ihosvany, Martín-Téllez, Sandra, Doblas-Márquez, Alberto, Tesfay, Yohannes, Márquez-Gómez, Ignacio, Reguera-Iglesias, José María, Muñoz-Pérez, Manuel Isidro, Montaño, Adrián

A high risk of thrombotic complications has been observed among severely ill COVID-19 patients. Viscoelastic tests (VET) have shown a hypercoagulable profile in these patients, although so far there is no clear evidence on the use of these tools as predictors of risk in the clinical course of patients. In this study we aimed to evaluate the association between Quantra® sonorheometry VET parameters, standard coagulation tests and inflammatory markers in 69 patients with COVID-19 on hospital…

Sarilumab monotherapy vs sarilumab and methotrexate combination therapy in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Burmester, Gerd R, Bykerk, Vivian P, Buch, Maya H, Tanaka, Yoshiya, Kameda, Hideto, Praestgaard, Amy, van Hoogstraten, Hubert, Fernandez-Nebro, Antonio, Huizinga, Thomas

Sarilumab, as monotherapy or in combination with conventional synthetic DMARDs, such as MTX, has demonstrated improvement in clinical outcomes in patients with RA. The primary objective of this post hoc analysis was to compare the efficacy of sarilumab (200 mg every 2 weeks) monotherapy (MONARCH study) with that of sarilumab and MTX combination therapy (MOBILITY study) at week 24. The endpoints assessed were mean change from baseline in the Clinical Disease Activity Index (CDAI), 28-joint…

Association between common cardiovascular risk factors and clinical phenotype in patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy from the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) EurObservational Research Programme (EORP) Cardiomyopathy/Myocarditis registry.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Lopes, Luis R, Losi, Maria-Angela, Sheikh, Nabeel, Laroche, Cécile, Charron, Philippe, Gimeno, Juan, Kaski, Juan P, Maggioni, Aldo P, Tavazzi, Luigi, Arbustini, Eloisa, Brito, Dulce, Celutkiene, Jelena, Hagege, Albert, Linhart, Ales, Mogensen, Jens, Garcia-Pinilla, José Manuel, Ripoll-Vera, Tomas, Seggewiss, Hubert, Villacorta, Eduardo, Caforio, Alida, Elliott, Perry M, Cardiomyopathy Registry Investigators Group

The interaction between common cardiovascular risk factors (CVRF) and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) is poorly studied. We sought to explore the relation between CVRF and the clinical characteristics of patients with HCM enrolled in the EURObservational Research Programme (EORP) Cardiomyopathy registry. 1739 patients with HCM were studied. The relation between hypertension (HT), diabetes (DM), body mass index (BMI), and clinical traits was analysed. Analyses were stratified according to the…

Talazoparib, a Poly(ADP-ribose) Polymerase Inhibitor, for Metastatic Castration-resistant Prostate Cancer and DNA Damage Response Alterations: TALAPRO-1 Safety Analyses.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Mehra, Niven, Fizazi, Karim, de Bono, Johann S, Barthélémy, Philippe, Dorff, Tanya, Stirling, Adam, Machiels, Jean-Pascal, Bimbatti, Davide, Kilari, Deepak, Dumez, Herlinde, Buttigliero, Consuelo, van Oort, Inge M, Castro, Elena, Chen, Hsiang-Chun, Di Santo, Nicola, DeAnnuntis, Liza, Healy, Cynthia G, Scagliotti, Giorgio V

The phase II TALAPRO-1 study (NCT03148795) demonstrated durable antitumor activity in men with heavily pretreated metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC). Here, we detail the safety profile of talazoparib. Men received talazoparib 1 mg/day (moderate renal impairment 0.75 mg/day) orally until radiographic progression, unacceptable toxicity, investigator decision, consent withdrawal, or death. Adverse events (AEs) were evaluated: incidence, severity, timing, duration, potential…

Identification of the genetic mechanism that associates L3MBTL3 to multiple sclerosis.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Alcina, Antonio, Fedetz, Maria, Vidal-Cobo, Isabel, Andrés-León, Eduardo, García-Sánchez, Maria-Isabel, Barroso-Del-Jesus, Alicia, Eichau, Sara, Gil-Varea, Elia, Luisa-Maria Villar,, Saiz, Albert, Leyva, Laura, Vandenbroeck, Koen, Otaegui, David, Izquierdo, Guillermo, Comabella, Manuel, Urcelay, Elena, Matesanz, Fuencisla

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a complex and demyelinating disease of the central nervous system. One of the challenges of the post-genome-wide association studies (GWAS) era is to understand the molecular basis of statistical associations to reveal gene networks and potential therapeutic targets. The L3MBTL3 locus has been associated with MS risk by GWAS. To identify the causal variant of the locus, we performed fine mapping in a cohort of 3440 MS patients and 1688 healthy controls. The variant…

Importance of genotype for risk stratification in arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy using the 2019 ARVC risk calculator.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Protonotarios, Alexandros, Bariani, Riccardo, Cappelletto, Chiara, Pavlou, Menelaos, García-García, Alba, Cipriani, Alberto, Protonotarios, Ioannis, Rivas, Adrian, Wittenberg, Regitze, Graziosi, Maddalena, Xylouri, Zafeirenia, Larrañaga-Moreira, José M, de Luca, Antonio, Celeghin, Rudy, Pilichou, Kalliopi, Bakalakos, Athanasios, Lopes, Luis Rocha, Savvatis, Konstantinos, Stolfo, Davide, Dal Ferro, Matteo, Merlo, Marco, Basso, Cristina, Freire, Javier Limeres, Rodriguez-Palomares, Jose F, Kubo, Toru, Ripoll-Vera, Tomas, Barriales-Villa, Roberto, Antoniades, Loizos, Mogensen, Jens, Garcia-Pavia, Pablo, Wahbi, Karim, Biagini, Elena, Anastasakis, Aris, Tsatsopoulou, Adalena, Zorio, Esther, Gimeno, Juan R, Garcia-Pinilla, Jose Manuel, Syrris, Petros, Sinagra, Gianfranco, Bauce, Barbara, Elliott, Perry M

To study the impact of genotype on the performance of the 2019 risk model for arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy (ARVC). The study cohort comprised 554 patients with a definite diagnosis of ARVC and no history of sustained ventricular arrhythmia (VA). During a median follow-up of 6.0 (3.1,12.5) years, 100 patients (18%) experienced the primary VA outcome (sustained ventricular tachycardia, appropriate implantable cardioverter defibrillator intervention, aborted sudden cardiac…

Striatal synaptic bioenergetic and autophagic decline in premotor experimental parkinsonism.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Merino-Galán, Leyre, Jimenez-Urbieta, Haritz, Zamarbide, Marta, Rodríguez-Chinchilla, Tatiana, Belloso-Iguerategui, Arantzazu, Santamaria, Enrique, Fernández-Irigoyen, Joaquín, Aiastui, Ana, Doudnikoff, Evelyne, Bézard, Erwan, Ouro, Alberto, Knafo, Shira, Gago, Belén, Quiroga-Varela, Ana, Rodríguez-Oroz, María Cruz

Synaptic impairment might precede neuronal degeneration in Parkinson's disease. However, the intimate mechanisms altering synaptic function by the accumulation of presynaptic α-synuclein in striatal dopaminergic terminals before dopaminergic death occurs, have not been elucidated. Our aim is to unravel the sequence of synaptic functional and structural changes preceding symptomatic dopaminergic cell death. As such, we evaluated the temporal sequence of functional and structural changes at…

Adipokines Profile and Inflammation Biomarkers in Prepubertal Population with Obesity and Healthy Metabolic State.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Cobos-Palacios, Lidia, Muñoz-Úbeda, Mónica, Gallardo-Escribano, Cristina, Ruiz-Moreno, María Isabel, Vilches-Pérez, Alberto, Vargas-Candela, Antonio, Leiva-Gea, Isabel, Tinahones, Francisco J, Gómez-Huelgas, Ricardo, Bernal-López, María Rosa

Background and aims: Obesity and high body max index (BMI) have been linked to elevated levels of inflammation serum markers such as C-reactive protein (CRP), interleukin-6 (IL-6), tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-alpha), adiponectin, and resistin. It has been described that adipose tissue presents a high production and secretion of these diverse pro-inflammatory molecules, which may have local effects on the physiology of the fat cell and also systemic effects on other organs. Our aim was to…

Metabolic Control of the FreeStyle Libre System in the Pediatric Population with Type 1 Diabetes Dependent on Sensor Adherence.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Leiva-Gea, Isabel, Martos-Lirio, Maria F, Gómez-Perea, Ana, Ariza-Jiménez, Ana-Belen, Tapia-Ceballos, Leopoldo, Jiménez-Hinojosa, Jose Manuel, Lopez-Siguero, Juan Pedro

To evaluate the relationship between daily sensor scan rates and changes in HbA1c and hypoglycemia in children. We enrolled 145 paediatric T1D patients into a prospective, interventional study of the impact of the FreeStyle Libre 1 system on measures of glycemic control. HbA1c was higher at lower scan rates, and decreased as the scan rate increased to 15-20 scans, after which it rose at higher scan rates. An analysis of the change in hypoglycemia, based on the number of daily sensor scans,…

Combined Body Mass Index and Waist-to-Height Ratio and Its Association with Lifestyle and Health Factors among Spanish Children: The PASOS Study.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Bibiloni, Maria Del Mar, Gallardo-Alfaro, Laura, Gómez, Santiago F, Wärnberg, Julia, Osés-Recalde, Maddi, González-Gross, Marcela, Gusi, Narcís, Aznar, Susana, Marín-Cascales, Elena, González-Valeiro, Miguel, Serra-Majem, Lluís, Terrados, Nicolás, Segu, Marta, Lassale, Camille, Homs, Clara, Benavente-Marín, Juan Carlos, Labayen, Idoia, Zapico, Augusto G, Sánchez-Gómez, Jesús, Jiménez-Zazo, Fabio, Alcaraz, Pedro E, Sevilla-Sánchez, Marta, Herrera-Ramos, Estefanía, Pulgar, Susana, Sistac, Clara, Schröder, Helmut, Bouzas, Cristina, Tur, Josep A

The World Health Organization recommended simultaneous measurement of body mass index (BMI) and waist circumference (WC) and suggested joint use to predict disease risks. The aim of this study was to assess the prevalence of BMI and waist-to-height ratio (WHtR) categories among Spanish children and adolescents, as well as their associations with several lifestyle factors. Cross-sectional analysis of 8-16-year-old children and adolescents (n = 3772) were included in the PASOS nationwide…

Postprandial Hyperlipidemia: Association with Inflammation and Subclinical Atherosclerosis in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Mena-Vázquez, Natalia, Redondo-Rodríguez, Rocío, Rioja, José, Jimenez-Nuñez, Francisco Gabriel, Manrique-Arija, Sara, Lisbona-Montañez, Jose Manuel, Cano-García, Laura, Rojas-Gimenez, Marta, Ureña, Inmaculada, Valdivielso, Pedro, Fernández-Nebro, Antonio

To describe postprandial lipidemia in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and to analyze its association with subclinical atherosclerosis and inflammatory activity. Observational study of 80 cases of RA and 80 sex- and age-matched controls. We excluded individuals with dyslipidemia. Postprandial hyperlipidemia (PPHL) was defined as postprandial triglycerides >220 mg/dL and/or postprandial ApoB48 levels >75th percentile (>p75). Plasma lipids, cholesterol, triglycerides, ApoB48, and…

Amoxicillin Haptenation of α-Enolase is Modulated by Active Site Occupancy and Acetylation.

Repositorio: Repisalud
González-Morena, Juan M, Sánchez-Gómez, Francisco J, Vida, Yolanda, Pérez-Inestrosa, Ezequiel, Salas, María, Montañez, María I, Altomare, Alessandra, Aldini, Giancarlo, Pajares, María A, Pérez-Sala, Dolores

Allergic reactions to antibiotics are a major concern in the clinic. ß-lactam antibiotics are the class most frequently reported to cause hypersensitivity reactions. One of the mechanisms involved in this outcome is the modification of proteins by covalent binding of the drug (haptenation). Hence, interest in identifying the corresponding serum and cellular protein targets arises. Importantly, haptenation susceptibility and extent can be modulated by the context, including factors affecting…

Theories of Change and Mediators of Psychotherapy Effectiveness in Adolescents With Externalising Behaviours: A Systematic Review.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Mestre, José M, Taubner, Svenja, Mota, Catarina Pinheiro, Rangel Henriques, Margarida, Saliba, Andrea, Heinonen, Erkki, Ramos, Sara, Moreno-Peral, Patricia, Volkert, Jana, Adler, Asta, Barkauskiene, Rasa, Conejo-Cerón, Sonia, Di Giacomo, Dina, Ioannou, Yianna, Mucha Vieira, Filipa, Røssberg, Jan Ivar, Sales, Célia M D, Schmidt, Stefanie J, Stepisnik Perdih, Tjasa, Ulberg, Randi, Protić, Sonja

Externalising behaviours are becoming a remarkably prevalent problem during adolescence, often precipitating both externalising and internalising disorders in later adulthood. Psychological treatments aim to increase the social functioning of adolescents in order for them to live a more balanced life and prevent these negative trajectories. However, little is known of the intervening variables and mediators involved in these treatments' change mechanisms. We conducted a systematic review,…

Addition of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors to Chemotherapy vs Chemotherapy Alone as First-Line Treatment in Extensive-Stage Small-Cell Lung Carcinoma: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Arriola, Edurne, González-Cao, María, Domine, Manuel, De Castro, Javier, Cobo, Manuel, Bernabé, Reyes, Navarro, Alejandro, Sullivan, Ivana, Trigo, José Manuel, Mosquera, Joaquín, Crama, Leonardo, Isla, Dolores

The addition of immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs) to conventional chemotherapy (CT) as first-line treatment improves survival in extensive-stage small-cell lung cancer (ES-SCLC). The aim of this meta-analysis was to determine the relative efficacy of first-line ICIs compared with CT in patients with ES-SCLC. Two independent reviewers extracted relevant data according to PRISMA guidelines and assessed the risk of bias using the Cochrane Collaboration's risk-of-bias tool. Meta-analysis was…

Assigning protein function from domain-function associations using DomFun.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Rojano, Elena, Jabato, Fernando M, Perkins, James R, Córdoba-Caballero, José, García-Criado, Federico, Sillitoe, Ian, Orengo, Christine, Ranea, Juan A G, Seoane-Zonjic, Pedro

Protein function prediction remains a key challenge. Domain composition affects protein function. Here we present DomFun, a Ruby gem that uses associations between protein domains and functions, calculated using multiple indices based on tripartite network analysis. These domain-function associations are combined at the protein level, to generate protein-function predictions. We analysed 16 tripartite networks connecting homologous superfamily and FunFam domains from CATH-Gene3D with functional…

Transmitted Fetal Immune Response in Cases of SARS-CoV-2 Infections during Pregnancy.

Repositorio: Repisalud
González-Mesa, Ernesto, García-Fuentes, Eduardo, Carvia-Pontiasec, Rafael, Lavado-Fernández, Ana I, Cuenca-Marín, Celia, Suárez-Arana, María, Blasco-Alonso, Marta, Benítez-Lara, Blanca, Mozas-Benítez, Laura, González-Cazorla, Ana, Egeberg-Neverdal, Herink, Jiménez-López, Jesús S

Background: Little is known about the effects of SARS-CoV-2 on the placenta, and whether the maternal inflammatory response is transmitted vertically. This research aims to provide information about the effects of SARS-CoV-2 infection on maternal and fetal immunity. Methods: We have studied placental changes and humoral and cellular immunity in maternal and umbilical cord blood (UCB) samples from a group of pregnant women delivering after the diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2 infection during pregnancy.…

Effect of Blood Flow Restriction on Functional, Physiological and Structural Variables of Muscle in Patients with Chronic Pathologies: A Systematic Review.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Reina-Ruiz, Álvaro Jesús, Galán-Mercant, Alejandro, Molina-Torres, Guadalupe, Merchán-Baeza, Jose Antonio, Romero-Galisteo, Rita Pilar, González-Sánchez, Manuel

The main objective of this systematic review of the current literature is to analyze the changes that blood flow restriction (BFR) causes in subjects with neuro-musculoskeletal and/or systemic pathologies focusing on the following variables: strength, physiological changes, structural changes and cardiocirculatory variables. The search was carried out in seven databases, including randomized clinical trials in which therapeutic exercise was combined with the blood flow restriction tool in…

Angioprevention of Urologic Cancers by Plant-Derived Foods.

Repositorio: Repisalud
García-Caballero, Melissa, Torres-Vargas, José Antonio, Marrero, Ana Dácil, Martínez-Poveda, Beatriz, Medina, Miguel Ángel, Quesada, Ana R

The number of cancer cases worldwide keeps growing unstoppably, despite the undeniable advances achieved by basic research and clinical practice. Urologic tumors, including some as prevalent as prostate, bladder or kidney tumors, are no exceptions to this rule. Moreover, the fact that many of these tumors are detected in early stages lengthens the duration of their treatment, with a significant increase in health care costs. In this scenario, prevention offers the most cost-effective long-term…

Body mass index interacts with a genetic-risk score for depression increasing the risk of the disease in high-susceptibility individuals.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Anguita-Ruiz, Augusto, Zarza-Rebollo, Juan Antonio, Pérez-Gutiérrez, Ana M, Molina, Esther, Gutiérrez, Blanca, Bellón, Juan Ángel, Moreno-Peral, Patricia, Conejo-Cerón, Sonia, Aiarzagüena, Jose María, Ballesta-Rodríguez, M Isabel, Fernández, Anna, Fernández-Alonso, Carmen, Martín-Pérez, Carlos, Montón-Franco, Carmen, Rodríguez-Bayón, Antonina, Torres-Martos, Álvaro, López-Isac, Elena, Cervilla, Jorge, Rivera, Margarita

Depression is strongly associated with obesity among other chronic physical diseases. The latest mega- and meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies have identified multiple risk loci robustly associated with depression. In this study, we aimed to investigate whether a genetic-risk score (GRS) combining multiple depression risk single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) might have utility in the prediction of this disorder in individuals with obesity. A total of 30 depression-associated SNPs…

Unveiling the Potential of Liquid Biopsy in HER2-Positive Breast Cancer Management.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Godoy-Ortiz, Ana, Alba-Bernal, Alfonso, Pascual, Javier, Comino-Méndez, Iñaki, Alba, Emilio

Invasive breast cancer (BC) is the most common cancer in women with a slightly increasing yearly incidence. BC immunohistochemical characterisation is a crucial tool to define the intrinsic nature of each tumour and personalise BC patients' clinical management. In this regard, the characterisation of human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2) status guides physicians to treat with therapies tailored to this membrane receptor. Standardly, a tumour solid biopsy is therefore required,…

Integrative development of a short screening questionnaire of highly processed food consumption (sQ-HPF).

Repositorio: Repisalud
Martinez-Perez, Celia, Daimiel, Lidia, Climent-Mainar, Cristina, Martínez-González, Miguel Ángel, Salas-Salvadó, Jordi, Corella, Dolores, Schröder, Helmut, Martinez, Jose Alfredo, Alonso-Gómez, Ángel M, Wärnberg, Julia, Vioque, Jesús, Romaguera, Dora, López-Miranda, José, Estruch, Ramón, Tinahones, Francisco J, Lapetra, José, Serra-Majem, Lluis, Bueno-Cavanillas, Aurora, Tur, Josep A, Sánchez, Vicente Martín, Pintó, Xavier, Delgado-Rodríguez, Miguel, Matía-Martín, Pilar, Vidal, Josep, Vázquez, Clotilde, Ros, Emilio, Basterra, Javier, Babio, Nancy, Guillem-Saiz, Patricia, Zomeño, María Dolores, Abete, Itziar, Vaquero-Luna, Jessica, Barón-López, Francisco Javier, Gonzalez-Palacios, Sandra, Konieczna, Jadwiga, Garcia-Rios, Antonio, Bernal-López, María Rosa, Santos-Lozano, José Manuel, Khoury, Nadine, Saiz, Carmen, Pérez-Vega, Karla Alejandra, Zulet, María Angeles, Tojal-Sierra, Lucas, Ruiz, Zenaida Vázquez, Martinez, Maria Angeles, Malcampo, Mireia, Ordovás, José M, San-Cristobal, Rodrigo

Recent lifestyle changes include increased consumption of highly processed foods (HPF), which has been associated with an increased risk of non-communicable diseases (NCDs). However, nutritional information relies on the estimation of HPF consumption from food-frequency questionnaires (FFQ) that are not explicitly developed for this purpose. We aimed to develop a short screening questionnaire of HPF consumption (sQ-HPF) that integrates criteria from the existing food classification systems.…

Heart Failure after Cardiac Surgery: The Role of Halogenated Agents, Myocardial Conditioning and Oxidative Stress.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Guerrero-Orriach, José Luis, Carmona-Luque, Maria Dolores, Gonzalez-Alvarez, Laura

Heart disease requires a surgical approach sometimes. Cardiac-surgery patients develop heart failure associated with ischemia induced during extracorporeal circulation. This complication could be decreased with anesthetic drugs. The cardioprotective effects of halogenated agents are based on pre- and postconditioning (sevoflurane, desflurane, or isoflurane) compared to intravenous hypnotics (propofol). We tried to put light on the shadows walking through the line of the halogenated anesthetic…

Genes Involved in Immune Reinduction May Constitute Biomarkers of Response for Metastatic Melanoma Patients Treated with Targeted Therapy.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Berciano-Guerrero, Miguel-Angel, Lavado-Valenzuela, Rocío, Moya, Aurelio, delaCruz-Merino, Luis, Toscano, Fátima, Valdivia, Javier, Castellón, Victoria, Henao-Carrasco, Fernando, Sancho, Pilar, Onieva-Zafra, Juan-Luis, Navas-Delgado, Ismael, Rueda-Dominguez, Antonio, Perez-Ruiz, Elisabeth, Alba, Emilio

Targeted therapy in metastatic melanoma often achieves a major tumour regression response and significant long-term survival via the release of antigens that reinduce immunocompetence. The biomarkers thus activated may guide the prediction of response, but this association and its mechanism have yet to be established. Blood samples were collected from nineteen consecutive patients with metastatic melanoma before, during, and after treatment with targeted therapy. Differential gene expression…

4-PBA Treatment Improves Bone Phenotypes in the Aga2 Mouse Model of Osteogenesis Imperfecta.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Duran, Ivan, Zieba, Jennifer, Csukasi, Fabiana, Martin, Jorge H, Wachtell, Davis, Barad, Maya, Dawson, Brian, Fafilek, Bohumil, Jacobsen, Christina M, Ambrose, Catherine G, Cohn, Daniel H, Krejci, Pavel, Lee, Brendan H, Krakow, Deborah

Osteogenesis imperfecta (OI) is a genetically heterogenous disorder most often due to heterozygosity for mutations in the type I procollagen genes, COL1A1 or COL1A2. The disorder is characterized by bone fragility leading to increased fracture incidence and long-bone deformities. Although multiple mechanisms underlie OI, endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress as a cellular response to defective collagen trafficking is emerging as a contributor to OI pathogenesis. Herein, we used 4-phenylbutiric acid…

Lifestyle and Self-Perceived Quality of Life in Sports Students: A Case Study.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Gavala-González, Juan, Torres-Perez, Amanda, Gálvez-Fernández, Ismael, Fernández-García, José Carlos

Adolescence has been considered a crucial stage for the adoption of healthy habits such as physical activity. In addition, numerous research studies have shown that physical activity is a positive factor for health behaviors and quality of life. In this sense, the aim of this study was to examine the relationship between physical activity levels and perceived quality of life in a sample of students studying physical activity and sport. This is a descriptive observational study with a population…

Antiangiogenic Phytochemicals Constituent of Diet as Promising Candidates for Chemoprevention of Cancer.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Marrero, Ana Dácil, Quesada, Ana R, Martínez-Poveda, Beatriz, Medina, Miguel Ángel

Despite the extensive knowledge on cancer nature acquired over the last years, the high incidence of this disease evidences a need for new approaches that complement the clinical intervention of tumors. Interestingly, many types of cancer are closely related to dietary habits associated with the Western lifestyle, such as low fruit and vegetable intake. Recent advances around the old-conceived term of chemoprevention highlight the important role of phytochemicals as good candidates for the…

Effectiveness of eHealth-Based Psychological Interventions for Depression Treatment in Patients With Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: A Systematic Review.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Varela-Moreno, Esperanza, Carreira Soler, Mónica, Guzmán-Parra, José, Jódar-Sánchez, Francisco, Mayoral-Cleries, Fermín, Anarte-Ortíz, María Teresa

Comorbidity between diabetes mellitus and depression is highly prevalent. The risk of depression in a person with diabetes is approximately twice that of a person without this disease. Depression has a major impact on patient well-being and control of diabetes. However, despite the availability of effective and specific therapeutic interventions for the treatment of depression in people with diabetes, 50% of patients do not receive psychological treatment due to insufficient and difficult…

Aged Cattle Brain Displays Alzheimer's Disease-Like Pathology and Promotes Brain Amyloidosis in a Transgenic Animal Model.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Moreno-Gonzalez, Ines, Edwards, George, Morales, Rodrigo, Duran-Aniotz, Claudia, Escobedo, Gabriel, Marquez, Mercedes, Pumarola, Marti, Soto, Claudio

Alzheimer's disease (AD) is one of the leading causes of dementia in late life. Although the cause of AD neurodegenerative changes is not fully understood, extensive evidence suggests that the misfolding, aggregation and cerebral accumulation of amyloid beta (Aβ) and tau proteins are hallmark events. Recent reports have shown that protein misfolding and aggregation can be induced by administration of small quantities of preformed aggregates, following a similar principle by which prion…

Laboratory protocol for the digital multiplexed gene expression analysis of nasopharyngeal swab samples using the NanoString nCounter system.

Repositorio: Repisalud
García Aranda, Marilina, López-Rodríguez, Inmaculada, García-Gutiérrez, Susana, Padilla-Ruiz, Maria, de Luque, Vanessa, Hortas, Maria Luisa, Diaz, Tatiana, Álvarez, Martina, Barragan-Mallofret, Isabel, Redondo, Maximino, Research Network on Health Services in Chronic Diseases (Red de Investigación en Servicios Sanitarios y Enfermedades Crónicas, REDISSEC)

This paper describes a laboratory protocol to perform the NanoString nCounter Gene Expression Assay from nasopharyngeal swab samples.  It is urgently necessary to identify factors related to severe symptoms of respiratory infectious diseases, such as COVID-19, in order to assess the possibility of establishing preventive or preliminary therapeutic measures and to plan the services to be provided on hospital admission. At present, the samples recommended for microbiological diagnosis are those …

Adopting a High-Polyphenolic Diet Is Associated with an Improved Glucose Profile: Prospective Analysis within the PREDIMED-Plus Trial.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Tresserra-Rimbau, Anna, Castro-Barquero, Sara, Becerra-Tomás, Nerea, Babio, Nancy, Martínez-González, Miguel Ángel, Corella, Dolores, Fitó, Montserrat, Romaguera, Dora, Vioque, Jesús, Alonso-Gomez, Angel M, Wärnberg, Julia, Martínez, José Alfredo, Serra-Majem, Luís, Estruch, Ramon, Tinahones, Francisco J, Lapetra, José, Pintó, Xavier, Tur, Josep A, López-Miranda, José, Cano-Ibáñez, Naomi, Delgado-Rodríguez, Miguel, Matía-Martín, Pilar, Daimiel, Lidia, Martín Sánchez, Vicente, Vidal, Josep, Vázquez, Clotilde, Ros, Emili, Basterra, Francisco Javier, Fernández de la Puente, María, Asensio, Eva M, Castañer, Olga, Bullón-Vela, Vanessa, Tojal-Sierra, Lucas, Gómez-Gracia, Enrique, Cases-Pérez, Eugenio, Konieczna, Jadwiga, García-Ríos, Antonio, Casañas-Quintana, Tamara, Bernal-Lopez, María Rosa, Santos-Lozano, José Manuel, Esteve-Luque, Virginia, Bouzas, Cristina, Vázquez-Ruiz, Zenaida, Palau-Galindo, Antoni, Barragan, Rocio, López Grau, Mercè, Razquín, Cristina, Goicolea-Güemez, Leire, Toledo, Estefanía, Vergaz, Manel Vila, Lamuela-Raventós, Rosa M, Salas-Salvadó, Jordi

Previous studies suggested that dietary polyphenols could reduce the incidence and complications of type-2 diabetes (T2D); although the evidence is still limited and inconsistent. This work analyzes whether changing to a diet with a higher polyphenolic content is associated with an improved glucose profile. At baseline, and at 1 year of follow-up visits, 5921 participants (mean age 65.0 ± 4.9, 48.2% women) who had overweight/obesity and metabolic syndrome filled out a validated 143-item semi-…

A New Versatile Platform for Assessment of Improved Cardiac Performance in Human-Engineered Heart Tissues.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Ribeiro, Marcelo C, Rivera-Arbeláez, José M, Cofiño-Fabres, Carla, Schwach, Verena, Slaats, Rolf H, Ten Den, Simone A, Vermeul, Kim, van den Berg, Albert, Pérez-Pomares, José M, Segerink, Loes I, Guadix, Juan A, Passier, Robert

Cardiomyocytes derived from human pluripotent stem cells (hPSC-CMs) hold a great potential as human in vitro models for studying heart disease and for drug safety screening. Nevertheless, their associated immaturity relative to the adult myocardium limits their utility in cardiac research. In this study, we describe the development of a platform for generating three-dimensional engineered heart tissues (EHTs) from hPSC-CMs for the measurement of force while under mechanical and electrical…

Effectiveness of Physical Activity in Primary Prevention of Anxiety: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Moreno-Peral, Patricia, Pino-Postigo, Alberto, Conejo-Cerón, Sonia, Bellón, Darío, Rodríguez-Martín, Beatriz, Martínez-Vizcaíno, Vicente, Bellón, Juan Ángel

The aim of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of physical activity in the primary prevention of anxiety. A systematic review of randomized controlled trials (RCTs) was performed. RCTs were searched in seven electronic databases. We included RCTs that assessed either the incidence of anxiety or the reduction of anxiety symptoms which excluded participants with baseline anxiety. Measurements were required to have been made using validated instruments. Objective or subjective (with…

Diagnostic and Predictive Capacity of the Spanish Versions of the Opioid Risk Tool and the Screener and Opioid Assessment for Patients with Pain-Revised: A Preliminary Investigation in a Sample of People with Noncancer Chronic Pain.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Esteve, Rosa, Reyes-Pérez, Ángela, Ramírez-Maestre, Carmen, Gutiérrez-Extremera, Andrea, Fuentes-Bravo, Rocío, de la Vega, Rocío, Ruíz-Párraga, Gema T, Serrano-Ibáñez, Elena R, López-Martínez, Alicia E

Accurate assessment of the risk of opioid abuse and misuse in people with noncancer chronic pain is crucial for their prevention. This study aimed to provide preliminary evidence of the diagnostic and predictive capacity of the Spanish versions of the Opioid Risk Tool (ORT) and the Screener and Opioid Assessment for Patients with Pain-Revised (SOAPP-R). We used the Current Opioid Misuse Measure (COMM) as criterion measure to assess the capacity of each tool to identify patients misusing opioids…

The Combination of Galanin (1-15) and Escitalopram in Rats Suggests a New Strategy for Alcohol Use Disorder Comorbidity with Depression.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Cantero-García, Noelia, Flores-Burgess, Antonio, Ladrón de Guevara-Miranda, David, Serrano, Antonia, García-Durán, Laura, Puigcerver, Araceli, Fuxe, Kjell, Narváez, José Ángel, Santín, Luis Javier, Díaz-Cabiale, Zaida, Millón, Carmelo

Alcohol use disorder (AUD) is highly prevalent, and over 50% of AUD patients also suffer major depressive disorders. Selective 5-HT reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) can reduce rodent ethanol drinking but exert modest clinical efficacy in alcoholic individuals. Finding new pharmacological strategies that could modulate alcohol consumption and depression is necessary. We have analyzed the effect of Galanin (1-15) [GAL(1-15)] on escitalopram (ESC)-mediated effect in alcohol consumption using the…

Determinants of Adherence to the Mediterranean Diet in Spanish Children and Adolescents: The PASOS Study.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Bibiloni, Maria Del Mar, Gallardo-Alfaro, Laura, Gómez, Santiago F, Wärnberg, Julia, Osés-Recalde, Maddi, González-Gross, Marcela, Gusi, Narcís, Aznar, Susana, Marín-Cascales, Elena, González-Valeiro, Miguel A, Serra-Majem, Lluís, Terrados, Nicolás, Segu, Marta, Lassale, Camille, Homs, Clara, Benavente-Marín, Juan Carlos, Labayen, Idoia, Zapico, Augusto G, Sánchez-Gómez, Jesús, Jiménez-Zazo, Fabio, Alcaraz, Pedro E, Sevilla-Sánchez, Marta, Herrera-Ramos, Estefanía, Pulgar, Susana, Sistac, Clara, Schröder, Helmut, Bouzas, Cristina, Tur, Josep A

A progressive shift away from traditional healthy dietary patterns, such as the Mediterranean diet (MedDiet), has been observed in recent decades. The aim of this study was to assess determinants of optimal adherence to the MedDiet in Spanish children and adolescents. A cross-sectional analysis was included in the PASOS nationwide representative study in Spain. Participants were 3607 children and adolescents; 8-16 years old. Primary and secondary outcome measures of weight and height were…

Genetic and pharmacological inhibition of XBP1 protects against APAP hepatotoxicity through the activation of autophagy.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Ye, Hui, Chen, Chaobo, Wu, Hanghang, Zheng, Kang, Martín-Adrados, Beatriz, Caparros, Esther, Francés, Rubén, Nelson, Leonard J, Gómez Del Moral, Manuel, Asensio, Iris, Vaquero, Javier, Bañares, Rafael, Ávila, Matías A, Andrade, Raúl J, Isabel Lucena, M, Martínez-Chantar, Maria Luz, Reeves, Helen L, Masson, Steven, Blumberg, Richard S, Gracia-Sancho, Jordi, Nevzorova, Yulia A, Martínez-Naves, Eduardo, Cubero, Francisco Javier

Acetaminophen (APAP) hepatotoxicity induces endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress which triggers the unfolded protein response (UPR) in hepatocytes. However, the mechanisms underlying ER stress remain poorly understood, thus reducing the options for exploring new pharmacological therapies for patients with hyperacute liver injury. Eight-to-twelve-week-old C57BL/6J Xbp1-floxed (Xbp1f/f) and hepatocyte-specific knockout Xbp1 mice (Xbp1∆hepa) were challenged with either high dose APAP [500 mg/kg] and…

Derived Neutrophil-to-Lymphocyte Ratio Predicts Pathological Complete Response to Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy in Breast Cancer.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Ocaña, Alberto, Chacón, Jose Ignacio, Calvo, Lourdes, Antón, Antonio, Mansutti, Mauro, Albanell, Joan, Martínez, María Teresa, Lahuerta, Ainhara, Bisagni, Giancarlo, Bermejo, Begoña, Semiglazov, Vladimir, Thill, Marc, Chan, Arlene, Morales, Serafin, Herranz, Jesús, Tusquets, Ignacio, Chiesa, Massimo, Caballero, Rosalía, Valagussa, Pinuccia, Bianchini, Giampaolo, Alba, Emilio, Gianni, Luca

Derived neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio (dNLR) is a biomarker associated with clinical outcome in breast cancer (BC). We analyzed the association of dNLR with pathological complete response (pCR) in triple-negative BC (TNBC) patients receiving neoadjuvant chemotherapy (CT). This is a retrospective analysis of two randomized studies involving early stage/locally advanced TNBC patients receiving anthracycline/taxane-based CT+/-carboplatin (GEICAM/2006-03) or nab-paclitaxel/paclitaxel followed by…

Prognosis of COVID-19 pneumonia can be early predicted combining Age-adjusted Charlson Comorbidity Index, CRB score and baseline oxygen saturation.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Nuevo-Ortega, Pilar, Reina-Artacho, Carmen, Dominguez-Moreno, Francisco, Becerra-Muñoz, Victor Manuel, Ruiz-Del-Fresno, Luis, Estecha-Foncea, Maria Antonia, HOPE Group Hospital Universitario Virgen de la Victoria

In potentially severe diseases in general and COVID-19 in particular, it is vital to early identify those patients who are going to progress to severe disease. A recent living systematic review dedicated to predictive models in COVID-19, critically appraises 145 models, 8 of them focused on prediction of severe disease and 23 on mortality. Unfortunately, in all 145 models, they found a risk of bias significant enough to finally "not recommend any for clinical use". Authors suggest…

Review of imaging techniques for evaluating morphological and functional responses to the treatment of bone metastases in prostate and breast cancer.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Orcajo-Rincon, J, Muñoz-Langa, J, Sepúlveda-Sánchez, J M, Fernández-Pérez, G C, Martínez, M, Noriega-Álvarez, E, Sanz-Viedma, S, Vilanova, J C, Luna, A

Bone metastases are very common complications associated with certain types of cancers that frequently negatively impact the quality of life and functional status of patients; thus, early detection is necessary for the implementation of immediate therapeutic measures to reduce the risk of skeletal complications and improve survival and quality of life. There is no consensus or universal standard approach for the detection of bone metastases in cancer patients based on imaging. Endorsed by the…

Integrating Social Assistive Robots, IoT, Virtual Communities and Smart Objects to Assist at-Home Independently Living Elders: the MoveCare Project.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Luperto, Matteo, Monroy, Javier, Renoux, Jennifer, Lunardini, Francesca, Basilico, Nicola, Bulgheroni, Maria, Cangelosi, Angelo, Cesari, Matteo, Cid, Manuel, Ianes, Aladar, Gonzalez-Jimenez, Javier, Kounoudes, Anastasis, Mari, David, Prisacariu, Victor, Savanovic, Arso, Ferrante, Simona, Borghese, N Alberto

The integration of Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) frameworks with Socially Assistive Robots (SARs) has proven useful for monitoring and assisting older adults in their own home. However, the difficulties associated with long-term deployments in real-world complex environments are still highly under-explored. In this work, we first present the MoveCare system, an unobtrusive platform that, through the integration of a SAR into an AAL framework, aimed to monitor, assist and provide social,…

Analysis of Structural Characteristics and Psychometric Properties of the SarQoL® Questionnaire in Different Languages: A Systematic Review.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Martínez-Fernández, María Visitación, Sandoval-Hernández, Irene, Galán-Mercant, Alejandro, Gonzalez-Sanchez, Manuel, Martínez-Cal, Jesús, Molina-Torres, Guadalupe

Sarcopenia is the gradual and global loss of muscle and its functions. Primary sarcopenia is associated with the typical changes of advanced aging and affects approximately 5-10% of the population. The Sarcopenia and Quality of Life (SarQoL®) questionnaire is composed of 55 items, 22 questions, and is organized into seven domains of quality of life. The main objective of this systematic review was to analyze the structural characteristics and psychometric properties of it, as well as to…

Epigenetic changes in the metabolically healthy obese: A case-control versus a prospective study.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Linares-Pineda, Teresa Maria, Boughanem, Hatim, Gutiérrez-Repiso, Carolina, Macías-González, Manuel, Andrés-León, Eduardo, Rojo-Martínez, Gemma, Valdés, Sergio, Tinahones, Francisco J, Morcillo, Sonsoles

Endoscopic Intragastric Injection of Botulinum Toxin A in Obese Patients Accelerates Weight Loss after Bariatric Surgery: Follow-Up of a Randomised Controlled Trial (IntraTox Study).

Repositorio: Repisalud
Sánchez-Torralvo, Francisco José, Vázquez-Pedreño, Luis, Gonzalo-Marín, Montserrat, Tapia, María José, Lima, Fuensanta, García-Fuentes, Eduardo, García, Pilar, Moreno-Ruiz, Javier, Rodríguez-Cañete, Alberto, Valdés, Sergio, Olveira, Gabriel

Background: Intragastric injection of botulinum toxin A (BT-A) has been shown to be effective for weight loss up to six months after administration, according to previous studies. Our objective was to determine, in patients on bariatric surgery waiting lists, the effect of BT-A on weight loss in the pre- and postoperative period and to analyse if there are different responses based on Body Mass Index (BMI). Methods: We performed a follow-up analysis of the IntraTox study, which included 46…

EVOO Promotes a Less Atherogenic Profile Than Sunflower Oil in Smooth Muscle Cells Through the Extracellular Vesicles Secreted by Endothelial Cells.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Santiago-Fernandez, Concepción, Rodríguez-Díaz, Cristina, Ho-Plagaro, Ailec, Gutierrez-Repiso, Carolina, Oliva-Olivera, Wilfredo, Martin-Reyes, Flores, Mela, Virginia, Bautista, Rocío, Tome, Mónicas, Gómez-Maldonado, Josefa, Tinahones, Francisco J, Garcia-Fuentes, Eduardo, Garrido-Sánchez, Lourdes

Little is known about the effect of extra virgin olive (EVOO) and sunflower oil (SO) on the composition of extracellular vesicles (EVs) secreted by endothelial cells and the effects of these EVs on smooth muscle cells (SMCs). These cells play an important role in the development of atherosclerosis. We evaluated the effects of endothelial cells-derived EVs incubated with triglyceride-rich lipoproteins obtained after a high-fat meal with EVOO (EVOO-EVs) and SO (SO-EVs), on the transcriptomic…

Clevidipine and COVID 19: From Hypertension to Inflammatory Response

Repositorio: Repisalud
Guerrero Orriach, Jose Luis, Quesada Muñoz, Guillermo

Globally, more than 4 million have died from COVID-19, World Health Organization (WHO) to declare COVID-19 a pandemic. The COVID 19 pathology, produced by SARS-COV2, a virus from the coronavirus family, emerged at the end of 2019. The majority of cases usually have a mild or moderate form, characterized by fever, cough, intense asthenia and multiple symptoms derived from the initial replicative effect and subsequent hyperimmune effect. Severe cases present with Acute Respiratory Distress…

Contribution of cardio-vascular risk factors to depressive status in the PREDIMED-PLUS Trial. A cross-sectional and a 2-year longitudinal study.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Martín-Peláez, Sandra, Serra-Majem, Lluis, Cano-Ibáñez, Naomi, Martínez-González, Miguel Ángel, Salas-Salvadó, Jordi, Corella, Dolores, Lassale, Camille, Martínez, Jose Alfredo, Alonso-Gómez, Ángel M, Wärnberg, Julia, Vioque, Jesús, Romaguera, Dora, López-Miranda, José, Estruch, Ramón, Tinahones, Francisco J, Lapetra, José, Fernández-Aranda, Fernando, Bueno-Cavanillas, Aurora, Tur, Josep A, Martín, Vicente, Pintó, Xavier, Delgado-Rodríguez, Miguel, Matía, Pilar, Vidal, Josep, Vázquez, Clotilde, Daimiel, Lidia, Ros, Emili, Toledo, Estefanía, Nishi, Stephanie K, Sorli, Jose V, Malcampo, Mireia, Zulet, M Ángeles, Moreno-Rodríguez, Anaí, Cueto-Galán, Raquel, Vivancos-Aparicio, Diego, Colom, Antoni, García-Ríos, Antonio, Casas, Rosa, Bernal-López, M Rosa, Santos-Lozano, Jose Manuel, Vázquez, Zenaida, Gómez-Martínez, Carlos, Ortega-Azorín, Carolina, Del Val, Jose Luís, Abete, Itziar, Goikoetxea-Bahon, Amaia, Pascual, Elena, Becerra-Tomás, Nerea, Chillarón, Juan J, Sánchez-Villegas, Almudena

Background: Cardio-vascular disease and depression are thought to be closely related, due to shared risk factors. The aim of the study was to determine the association between cardio-vascular risk (CVR) factors and depressive status in a population (55-75 years) with metabolic syndrome (MetS) from the PREDIMED-Plus trial. Methods and findings: Participants were classified into three groups of CVR according to the Framingham-based REGICOR function: (1) low (LR), (2) medium (MR) or (3) high/very…

Evaluation of Quality and Bone Microstructure Alterations in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes: A Narrative Review.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Martínez-Montoro, José Ignacio, García-Fontana, Beatriz, García-Fontana, Cristina, Muñoz-Torres, Manuel

Bone fragility is a common complication in subjects with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). However, traditional techniques for the evaluation of bone fragility, such as dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA), do not perform well in this population. Moreover, the Fracture Risk Assessment Tool (FRAX) usually underestimates fracture risk in T2DM. Importantly, novel technologies for the assessment of one microarchitecture in patients with T2DM, such as the trabecular bone score (TBS), high-…

Combination Therapy With Semaglutide and Dapagliflozin as an Effective Approach for the Management of Type A Insulin Resistance Syndrome: A Case Report.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Martínez-Montoro, José Ignacio, Pinzón-Martín, José Luis, Damas-Fuentes, Miguel, Fernández-Valero, Andrea, Tinahones, Francisco J

Type A insulin resistance (IR) syndrome is a very uncommon genetic disorder affecting the insulin receptor (INSR) gene, characterized by severe IR without the presence of obesity. Patients with this condition will eventually develop diabetes, presenting a variable response to insulin-sensitizers, such as metformin and thiazolidinediones, and high doses of insulin. We report for the first time the results of the use of combination therapy with a glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonist and a…

Next-Generation DNA Sequencing-Based Gene Panel for Diagnosis and Genetic Risk Stratification in Onco-Hematology.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Gargallo, Pablo, Molero, Merche, Bilbao, Cristina, Stuckey, Ruth, Carrillo-Cruz, Estrella, Hermosín, Lourdes, Pérez-López, Olga, Jiménez-Velasco, Antonio, Soria, Elena, Lázaro, Marián, Carbonell, Paula, Yáñez, Yania, Gómez, Iria, Izquierdo-García, Marta, Valero-García, Jennifer, Ruiz, Carlos, Such, Esperanza, Calabria, Inés

A suitable diagnostic classification of myeloid neoplasms and acute leukemias requires testing for a large number of molecular biomarkers. Next-generation sequencing is a technology able to integrate identification of the vast majority of them in a single test. This manuscript includes the design, analytical validation and clinical feasibility evaluation of a molecular diagnostic kit for onco-hematological diseases. It is based on sequencing of the coding regions of 76 genes (seeking single-…

Three-Dimensional Kinematics during Shoulder Scaption in Asymptomatic and Symptomatic Subjects by Inertial Sensors: A Cross-Sectional Study.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Roldán-Jiménez, Cristina, Cuesta-Vargas, Antonio I, Martín-Martín, Jaime

Shoulder kinematics is a measure of interest in the clinical setting for diagnosis, evaluating treatment, and quantifying possible changes. The aim was to compare shoulder scaption kinematics between symptomatic and asymptomatic subjects by inertial sensors. Scaption kinematics of 27 subjects with shoulder symptomatology and 16 asymptomatic subjects were evaluated using four inertial sensors placed on the humerus, scapula, forearm, and sternum. Mobility, velocity, and acceleration were obtained…

"Triple-negative" non-secretory medullary thyroid cancer: uncommon pathological findings in a rare disease.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Martínez-Montoro, José Ignacio, Gómez-Pérez, Ana María, Gallego, Elena, García-Alemán, Jorge, Sebastián-Ochoa, Arantzazu, Damas-Fuentes, Miguel, Mancha-Doblas, Isabel, Tinahones, Francisco J

Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor as a Potential Biomarker of Neuroinflammation and Frontal Cognitive Impairment in Patients with Alcohol Use Disorder.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Requena-Ocaña, Nerea, Flores-Lopez, María, Papaseit, Esther, García-Marchena, Nuria, Ruiz, Juan Jesús, Ortega-Pinazo, Jesús, Serrano, Antonia, Pavón-Morón, Francisco Javier, Farré, Magí, Suarez, Juan, Rodríguez de Fonseca, Fernando, Araos, Pedro

Background: Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) is associated with functional disruption of several brain structures that may trigger cognitive dysfunction. One of the mechanisms of alcohol-associated cognitive impairment has been proposed to arise from its direct impact on the immune system, which culminates in the release of cytokines and chemokines which can eventually reach the brain. Alcohol can also disrupt the blood-brain barrier, facilitating the penetration of pro-inflammatory molecules…

Study protocol: a randomised, controlled trial of a nurse navigator program for the management of hepatitis C virus in patients with severe mental disorder.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Quemada-González, Casta, Morales-Asencio, José Miguel, Hurtado, María M, Martí-García, Celia

To evaluate the impact of a nurse navigation program on treatment adherence and resolution of hepatitis C infection in patients with severe mental disorder. An open, randomized, controlled trial with blinded outcome assessment. The intervention group will engage in a nurse navigation program designed by mental health nurses. The program involves active screening for patients with severe mental disorder. The patients and caregivers included in the program will receive information, training,…

Cross-cultural adaptation and psychometric validation of a Spanish version of the revised Patients' Attitudes Towards Deprescribing (rPATD) questionnaire.

Repositorio: Repisalud
de Juan-Roldán, Jose Ignacio, Castillo-Jimena, Marcos, González-Hevilla, Alba, Sánchez-Sánchez, Clara, García-Ruiz, Antonio J, Gavilán-Moral, Enrique

Successful deprescribing depends largely on factors related to the patient. The revised Patients' Attitudes Towards Deprescribing (rPATD) questionnaire was developed with the objective of evaluating the beliefs and attitudes of older adults and caregivers towards deprescribing. The present study was designed to validate a Spanish version of the rPATD questionnaire, both the versions for older adults and for caregivers, through a qualitative validation phase and the analysis of its…

Developing a medication adherence technologies repository: proposed structure and protocol for an online real-time Delphi study.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Nabergoj Makovec, Urska, Goetzinger, Catherine, Ribaut, Janette, Barnestein-Fonseca, Pilar, Haupenthal, Frederik, Herdeiro, Maria Teresa, Grant, Sean Patrick, Jácome, Cristina, Roque, Fatima, Smits, Dins, Tadic, Ivana, Dima, Alexandra L, European Network to Advance Best practices and technoLogy on medication adherencE (ENABLE), European Network to Advance Best Practices and TechnoLogy on Medication AdherencE (ENABLE)

An online interactive repository of available medication adherence technologies may facilitate their selection and adoption by different stakeholders. Developing a repository is among the main objectives of the European Network to Advance Best practices and technoLogy on medication adherencE (ENABLE) COST Action (CA19132). However, meeting the needs of diverse stakeholders requires careful consideration of the repository structure. A real-time online Delphi study by stakeholders from 39…

Importance of Vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 in Patients with Interstitial Lung Disease Associated with Systemic Autoimmune Disease.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Mena-Vázquez, Natalia, García-Studer, Aimara, Rojas-Gimenez, Marta, Romero-Barco, Carmen María, Manrique-Arija, Sara, Mucientes, Arkaitz, Velloso-Feijoo, María Luisa, Godoy-Navarrete, Francisco Javier, Morales-Garrido, Pilar, Redondo-Rodríguez, Rocío, Ordoñez-Cañizares, M C, Ortega-Castro, Rafaela, Lisbona-Montañez, Jose Manuel, Hidalgo Conde, Ana, Arnedo Díez de Los Ríos, Rocío, Cabrera César, Eva, Espildora, Francisco, Aguilar-Hurtado, María Carmen, Añón-Oñate, Isabel, Ureña-Garnica, Inmaculada, Fernández-Nebro, Antonio

Objectives: To describe the frequency of COVID-19 and the effect of vaccination in patients with interstitial lung disease and systemic autoimmune disease (ILD-SAD) and to identify factors associated with infection and severity of COVID-19. Methods: We performed a cross-sectional multicenter study of patients with ILD-SAD followed between June and October 2021. The main variable was COVID-19 infection confirmed by a positive polymerase chain reaction (PCR) result for SARS-CoV-2. The secondary…

The Utility of Nasal Challenges to Phenotype Asthma Patients.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Bentabol-Ramos, Guillermo, Saenz de Santa Maria-Garcia, Rocio, Vidal-Diaz, Monica, Eguiluz-Gracia, Ibon, Testera-Montes, Almudena

Asthma is a heterogeneous disease in terms of both phenotype and response to therapy. Therefore, there is a great need for clinically applicable tools allowing for improved patient classification, and selection for specific management approaches. Some interventions are highly helpful in selected patients (e.g., allergen immunotherapy or aspirin desensitization), but they are costly and/or difficult to implement. Currently available biomarkers measurable in peripheral blood or exhaled air…

Acute hepatitis with autoimmune features after COVID-19 vaccine: coincidence or vaccine-induced phenomenon?

Repositorio: Repisalud
Pinazo-Bandera, José M, Hernández-Albújar, Alicia, García-Salguero, Ana Isabel, Arranz-Salas, Isabel, Andrade, Raúl J, Robles-Díaz, Mercedes

Taxonomic and Functional Fecal Microbiota Signatures Associated With Insulin Resistance in Non-Diabetic Subjects With Overweight/Obesity Within the Frame of the PREDIMED-Plus Study.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Atzeni, Alessandro, Bastiaanssen, Thomaz F S, Cryan, John F, Tinahones, Francisco J, Vioque, Jesús, Corella, Dolores, Fitó, Montserrat, Vidal, Josep, Moreno-Indias, Isabel, Gómez-Pérez, Ana M, Torres-Collado, Laura, Coltell, Oscar, Castañer, Olga, Bulló, Monica, Salas-Salvadó, Jordi

An altered gut microbiota has been associated with insulin resistance, a metabolic dysfunction consisting of cellular insulin signaling impairment. The aim of the present study is to determine the taxonomic and functional fecal microbiota signatures associated with HOMA-IR index in a population with high cardiovascular risk. A total of 279 non-diabetic individuals (55-75 years aged) with overweight/obesity and metabolic syndrome were stratified according to tertiles of HOMA-IR index. Blood…

Phase Angle and Handgrip Strength as a Predictor of Disease-Related Malnutrition in Admitted Patients: 12-Month Mortality.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Fernández-Jiménez, Rocío, Dalla-Rovere, Lara, García-Olivares, María, Abuín-Fernández, José, Sánchez-Torralvo, Francisco José, Doulatram-Gamgaram, Viyey Kishore, Hernández-Sanchez, Agustín M, García-Almeida, José Manuel

Background: Phase Angle (PhA) value measured by bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) could be considered a good marker of the patient’s cell mass and cellular damage. Various studies have shown that the value of PhA is associated with an increased nutritional risk in several pathologies. However, not many studies have focused on the use of PhA as a screening tool in admitted patients. The aim of this study is to evaluate the prognostic value of PhA to determine disease-related malnutrition (…

Morbid Obesity in Women Is Associated with an Altered Intestinal Expression of Genes Related to Cancer Risk and Immune, Defensive, and Antimicrobial Response.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Ho-Plágaro, Ailec, Rodríguez-Díaz, Cristina, Santiago-Fernández, Concepción, López-Gómez, Carlos, García-Serrano, Sara, Martín-Reyes, Flores, Rodríguez-Pacheco, Francisca, Rodríguez-Cañete, Alberto, Alcaín-Martínez, Guillermo, Vázquez-Pedreño, Luis, Valdés, Sergio, Garrido-Sánchez, Lourdes, García-Fuentes, Eduardo

Little is known about the relation between morbid obesity and duodenal transcriptomic changes. We aimed to identify intestinal genes that may be associated with the development of obesity regardless of the degree of insulin resistance (IR) of patients. Duodenal samples were assessed by microarray in three groups of women: non-obese women and women with morbid obesity with low and high IR. We identified differentially expressed genes (DEGs) associated with morbid obesity, regardless of IR degree…

Basophil Activation Test Utility as a Diagnostic Tool in LTP Allergy.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Cañas, José A, Pérez-Sánchez, Natalia, Lopera-Doblas, Leticia, Palomares, Francisca, Molina, Ana, Bartra, Joan, Torres, María J, Gómez, Francisca, Mayorga, Cristobalina

Plant-food allergy is an increasing problem, with nonspecific lipid transfer proteins (nsLTPs) triggering mild/severe reactions. Pru p 3 is the major sensitizer in LTP food allergy (FA). However, in vivo and in vitro diagnosis is hampered by the need for differentiating between asymptomatic sensitization and allergy with clinical relevance. The basophil activation test (BAT) is an ex vivo method able to identify specific IgE related to the allergic response. Thus, we aimed to establish the…

Blood Neutrophil Counts Define Specific Clusters of Bronchiectasis Patients: A Hint to Differential Clinical Phenotypes.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Wang, Xuejie, Olveira, Casilda, Girón, Rosa, García-Clemente, Marta, Máiz, Luis, Sibila, Oriol, Golpe, Rafael, Menéndez, Rosario, Rodríguez-López, Juan, Prados, Concepción, Martinez-García, Miguel Angel, Rodriguez, Juan Luis, de la Rosa, David, Qin, Liyun, Duran, Xavier, Garcia-Ojalvo, Jordi, Barreiro, Esther

We sought to investigate differential phenotypic characteristics according to neutrophil counts, using a biostatistics approach in a large-cohort study from the Spanish Online Bronchiectasis Registry (RIBRON). The 1034 patients who met the inclusion criteria were clustered into two groups on the basis of their blood neutrophil levels. Using the Mann-Whitney U test to explore potential differences according to FACED and EFACED scores between the two groups, a neutrophil count of 4990 cells/µL…

Methionine Cycle Rewiring by Targeting miR-873-5p Modulates Ammonia Metabolism to Protect the Liver from Acetaminophen.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Rodríguez-Agudo, Rubén, Goikoetxea-Usandizaga, Naroa, Serrano-Maciá, Marina, Fernández-Tussy, Pablo, Fernández-Ramos, David, Lachiondo-Ortega, Sofía, González-Recio, Irene, Gil-Pitarch, Clàudia, Mercado-Gómez, María, Morán, Laura, Bizkarguenaga, Maider, Lopitz-Otsoa, Fernando, Petrov, Petar, Bravo, Miren, Van Liempd, Sebastiaan Martijn, Falcon-Perez, Juan Manuel, Zabala-Letona, Amaia, Carracedo, Arkaitz, Castell, Jose Vicente, Jover, Ramiro, Martínez-Cruz, Luis Alfonso, Delgado, Teresa Cardoso, Cubero, Francisco Javier, Lucena, María Isabel, Andrade, Raúl Jesús, Mabe, Jon, Simón, Jorge, Martínez-Chantar, María Luz

Drug-induced liver injury (DILI) development is commonly associated with acetaminophen (APAP) overdose, where glutathione scavenging leads to mitochondrial dysfunction and hepatocyte death. DILI is a severe disorder without effective late-stage treatment, since N-acetyl cysteine must be administered 8 h after overdose to be efficient. Ammonia homeostasis is altered during liver diseases and, during DILI, it is accompanied by decreased glycine N-methyltransferase (GNMT) expression and S-…

Sex Differences in Plasma Lysophosphatidic Acid Species in Patients with Alcohol and Cocaine Use Disorders.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Flores-López, María, García-Marchena, Nuria, Araos, Pedro, Requena-Ocaña, Nerea, Porras-Perales, Oscar, Torres-Galván, Sandra, Suarez, Juan, Pizarro, Nieves, de la Torre, Rafael, Rubio, Gabriel, Ruiz-Ruiz, Juan Jesús, Rodríguez de Fonseca, Fernando, Serrano, Antonia, Pavón-Morón, Francisco Javier

Preclinical evidence suggests a main role of lysophosphatidic acid (LPA) signaling in drug addiction. Recently, we reported alterations in the plasma concentrations of LPA species in patients with alcohol use disorder (AUD). As there are sex differences in drug addiction, the main aim of the present study was to investigate whether relevant LPA species (16:0-LPA, 18:0-LPA, 18:1-LPA, 18:2-LPA and 20:4-LPA) were associated with sex and/or substance use disorder (SUD). This exploratory study was…

Neurokinin-1 Receptor (NK-1R) Antagonists as a New Strategy to Overcome Cancer Resistance.

Repositorio: Repisalud
García-Aranda, Marilina, Téllez, Teresa, McKenna, Lauraine, Redondo, Maximino

Nowadays, the identification of new therapeutic targets that allow for the development of treatments, which as monotherapy, or in combination with other existing treatments can contribute to improve response rates, prognosis and survival of oncologic patients, is a priority to optimize healthcare within sustainable health systems. Recent studies have demonstrated the role of Substance P (SP) and its preferred receptor, Neurokinin 1 Receptor (NK-1R), in human cancer and the potential antitumor…

Clinical utility of comprehensive circulating tumor DNA genotyping compared with standard of care tissue testing in patients with newly diagnosed metastatic colorectal cancer.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Benavides, M, Alcaide-Garcia, J, Torres, E, Gil-Calle, S, Sevilla, I, Wolman, R, Durán, G, Álvarez, M, Reyna-Fortes, C, Ales, I, Pereda, T, Robles, M, Kushnir, M, Odegaard, J, Faull, I, Alba, E

Comprehensive biomarker testing is essential in selecting optimal treatment for patients with metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC); however, incomplete genotyping is widespread, with most patients not receiving testing for all guideline-recommended biomarkers, in part due to reliance on burdensome sequential tissue-based single-biomarker tests with long waiting times or availability of only archival tissue samples. We aimed to demonstrate that liquid biopsy, associated with rapid turnaround time…

Systematic Review and Metaanalysis of Worldwide Incidence and Prevalence of Antineutrophil Cytoplasmic Antibody (ANCA) Associated Vasculitis.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Redondo-Rodriguez, Rocío, Mena-Vázquez, Natalia, Cabezas-Lucena, Alba María, Manrique-Arija, Sara, Mucientes, Arkaitz, Fernández-Nebro, Antonio

Objective: In this study, we aimed to evaluate the worldwide incidence and prevalence of ANCA-associated vasculitis (AAV). Methods: A systematic search of Medline and Embase was conducted until June 2020 for studies that analyzed the incidence and prevalence of patients aged >16 years diagnosed with AAV in different geographical areas. A meta-analysis was undertaken to estimate the pooled incidence per million person-years and prevalence per million persons in AAV overall and for each…

Reliability Study of Inertial Sensors LIS2DH12 Compared to ActiGraph GT9X: Based on Free Code.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Martín-Martín, Jaime, Jiménez-Partinen, Ariadna, De-Torres, Irene, Escriche-Escuder, Adrian, González-Sánchez, Manuel, Muro-Culebras, Antonio, Roldán-Jiménez, Cristina, Ruiz-Muñoz, María, Mayoral-Cleries, Fermín, Biró, Attila, Tang, Wen, Nikolova, Borjanka, Salvatore, Alfredo, Cuesta-Vargas, Antonio I

The study’s purpose was to assess the reliability of the LIS2DH12 in two different positions, using the commercial sensor Actigraph GT9X as a reference instrument. Five participants completed two gait tests on a treadmill. Firstly, both sensors were worn on the wrist and around the thigh. Each test consisted of a 1 min walk for participants to become accustomed to the treadmill, followed by a 2 min trial at ten pre-set speeds. Data from both sensors were collected in real-time. Intraclass…

Management of Pharmacologic Adverse Effects in Advanced Liver Disease.

Repositorio: Repisalud
García-Cortés, Miren, García-García, Alberto

As a consequence of the altered hepatic architecture in advanced liver disease, drug metabolism is modified by changes in pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties, leading to the appearance of adverse effects and drug interactions and increasing the risk of over- or underdosing of medications. However, there are no tests that accurately determine the degree of impairment of liver metabolic function; therefore, general recommendations are established based on the degree of hepatic…

How to Improve Healthcare for Patients with Multimorbidity and Polypharmacy in Primary Care: A Pragmatic Cluster-Randomized Clinical Trial of the MULTIPAP Intervention.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Del Cura-González, Isabel, López-Rodríguez, Juan A, Leiva-Fernández, Francisca, Gimeno-Miguel, Antonio, Poblador-Plou, Beatriz, López-Verde, Fernando, Lozano-Hernández, Cristina, Pico-Soler, Victoria, Bujalance-Zafra, Mª Josefa, Gimeno-Feliu, Luis A, Aza-Pascual-Salcedo, Mercedes, Rogero-Blanco, Marisa, González-Rubio, Francisca, García-de-Blas, Francisca, Polentinos-Castro, Elena, Sanz-Cuesta, Teresa, Castillo-Jimena, Marcos, Alonso-García, Marcos, Calderón-Larrañaga, Amaia, Valderas, José M, Marengoni, Alessandra, Muth, Christiane, Prados-Torres, Juan Daniel, Prados-Torres, Alexandra, Multi-Pap Group

Purpose: To investigate a complex MULTIPAP intervention that implements the Ariadne principles in a primary care population of young-elderly patients with multimorbidity and polypharmacy and to evaluate its effectiveness for improving the appropriateness of prescriptions. Methods: A pragmatic cluster-randomized clinical trial was conducted involving 38 family practices in Spain. Patients aged 65-74 years with multimorbidity and polypharmacy were recruited. Family physicians (FPs) were randomly…

Melatonin Modulation of Radiation-Induced Molecular Changes in MCF-7 Human Breast Cancer Cells.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Alonso-González, Carolina, González-Abalde, Cristina, Menéndez-Menéndez, Javier, González-González, Alicia, Álvarez-García, Virginia, González-Cabeza, Alicia, Martínez-Campa, Carlos, Cos, Samuel

Radiation therapy is an important component of cancer treatment scheduled for cancer patients, although it can cause numerous deleterious effects. The use of adjuvant molecules aims to limit the damage in normal surrounding tissues and enhance the effects of radiation therapy, either killing tumor cells or slowing down their growth. Melatonin, an indoleamine released by the pineal gland, behaves as a radiosensitizer in breast cancer, since it enhances the therapeutic effects of ionizing…

Outcome Analysis in Elective Electrical Cardioversion of Atrial Fibrillation Patients: Development and Validation of a Machine Learning Prognostic Model.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Nuñez-Garcia, Jean C, Sánchez-Puente, Antonio, Sampedro-Gómez, Jesús, Vicente-Palacios, Victor, Jiménez-Navarro, Manuel, Oterino-Manzanas, Armando, Jiménez-Candil, Javier, Dorado-Diaz, P Ignacio

Background: The integrated approach to electrical cardioversion (EC) in atrial fibrillation (AF) is complex; candidates can resolve spontaneously while waiting for EC, and post-cardioversion recurrence is high. Thus, it is especially interesting to avoid the programming of EC in patients who would restore sinus rhythm (SR) spontaneously or present early recurrence. We have analyzed the whole elective EC of the AF process using machine-learning (ML) in order to enable a more realistic and…

Real-life evaluation of molecular multiplex IgE test methods in the diagnosis of pollen associated food allergy.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Diem, Luisa, Neuherz, Bellinda, Rohrhofer, Johanna, Koidl, Larissa, Asero, Riccardo, Brockow, Knut, Diaz Perales, Araceli, Faber, Margaretha, Gebhardt, Julia, Torres, María José, Jensen-Jarolim, Erika, Zehetmayer, Sonja, Untersmayr, Eva

Diagnosis of food allergies is challenging, as combining information from specific IgE (sIgE)-sensitization pattern and skin prick tests (SPTs) with clinical history is necessary for a personalized management of allergic patients. The aim of this study was to compare two molecular tests, the ImmunoCAP ISAC (ISAC) and the Allergy Explorer, version 2 (ALEX2 ) in the context of pollen food syndrome (PFS) diagnosis in a real-life scenario, to assess the benefit of multiplex testing in PFS patients…

Infective Endocarditis in Diabetic Patients: A Different Profile with Prognostic Consequences.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Biezma, María Isabel, Muñoz, Patricia, De la Villa, Sofía, Fariñas-Álvarez, Mª Carmen, Arnáiz de Las Revillas, Francisco, Gutierrez-Carretero, Encarnación, De Alarcón, Arístides, Rodríguez-García, Raquel, Llopis, Jaume, Goenaga, Miguel Ángel, Gutierrez-Villanueva, Andrea, Plata, Antonio, Vidal, Laura, Martínez-Sellés, Manuel, On Behalf Of Games,

Background. Infective Endocarditis (IE) is a severe condition. Diabetes mellitus (DM) has been associated with a poor prognosis in other settings. Our aim was to describe the profile and prognosis of IE with and without DM and to analyze the prognostic relevance of DM-related organ damage. Methods. Retrospective analysis of the Spanish IE Registry (2008−2020). Results. The cohort comprises 5590 IE patients with a mean age of 65.0 ± 15.5 years; 3764 (67.3%) were male. DM was found in 1625…

Estimation of Functional Aerobic Capacity Using the Sit-to-Stand Test in Older Adults with Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Fuentes-Abolafio, Iván José, Escriche-Escuder, Adrian, Bernal-López, María Rosa, Gómez-Huelgas, Ricardo, Ricci, Michele, Trinidad-Fernández, Manuel, Roldán-Jiménez, Cristina, Arjona-Caballero, José María, Cuesta-Vargas, Antonio Ignacio, Pérez-Belmonte, Luis Miguel

Background: The 6-Min Walking Test (6MWT) has been proposed to assess functional aerobic capacity in patients with heart failure, but many older adults with heart failure cannot complete it. The adequacy of the 5-repetition Sit-To-Stand (5-STS), a simpler test than 6MWT, to assess the functional aerobic capacity in older adults with heart failure has not been evaluated. Objectives: This study aimed to assess the usefulness of 5-STS in estimating maximal oxygen uptake (VO2 peak) in older adults…

Role of the Gut Microbiome in Beta Cell and Adipose Tissue Crosstalk: A Review.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Martínez-Montoro, José Ignacio, Damas-Fuentes, Miguel, Fernández-García, José Carlos, Tinahones, Francisco J

In the last decades, obesity has reached epidemic proportions worldwide. Obesity is a chronic disease associated with a wide range of comorbidities, including insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2D), which results in significant burden of disease and major consequences on health care systems. Of note, intricate interactions, including different signaling pathways, are necessary for the establishment and progression of these two closely related conditions. Altered cell-to-cell…

Transgenic Mouse Models of Alzheimer's Disease: An Integrative Analysis.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Sanchez-Varo, Raquel, Mejias-Ortega, Marina, Fernandez-Valenzuela, Juan Jose, Nuñez-Diaz, Cristina, Caceres-Palomo, Laura, Vegas-Gomez, Laura, Sanchez-Mejias, Elisabeth, Trujillo-Estrada, Laura, Garcia-Leon, Juan Antonio, Moreno-Gonzalez, Ines, Vizuete, Marisa, Vitorica, Javier, Baglietto-Vargas, David, Gutierrez, Antonia

Alzheimer's disease (AD) constitutes the most prominent form of dementia among elderly individuals worldwide. Disease modeling using murine transgenic mice was first initiated thanks to the discovery of heritable mutations in amyloid precursor protein (APP) and presenilins (PS) genes. However, due to the repeated failure of translational applications from animal models to human patients, along with the recent advances in genetic susceptibility and our current understanding on disease…

Plasma Amino Acid Concentrations in Patients with Alcohol and/or Cocaine Use Disorders and Their Association with Psychiatric Comorbidity and Sex.

Repositorio: Repisalud
García-Marchena, Nuria, Marcos, Alberto, Flores-López, María, Moreno-Fernández, Mario, Requena-Ocaña, Nerea, Porras-Perales, Oscar, Torres-Galván, Sandra, Araos, Pedro, Serrano, Antonia, Muga, Roberto, Ruiz-Ruiz, Juan Jesús, Rodríguez de Fonseca, Fernando, Ambrosio, Emilio, Pavón-Morón, Francisco Javier

Background: Co-occurrence of mental and substance use disorders (SUD) is prevalent, but complicates their clinical courses, and specific biomarkers are required. Amino acids are altered in primary mental disorders; however, little is known about SUD and psychiatric comorbidity. Because most psychiatric disorders and biomarkers show sex differences, we investigated amino acids in men and women with alcohol and/or cocaine use disorders (AUD and/or CUD) and psychiatric comorbidity. Methods: A…

The implications of the foot health status in Parkinson patients: A case-control study.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Jiménez-Cebrián, Ana María, López-López, Luis, Losa-Iglesias, Marta Elena, Becerro-de-Bengoa-Vallejo, Ricardo, Romero-Morales, Carlos, López-López, Daniel, Montiel-Luque, Alonso, Navarro-Flores, Emmanuel, de Labra, Carmen

Parkinson's disease (PD) is a neurodegenerative disorder that affects both health of the feet, as to gait patterns. This study aimed to find out about foot problems and their impact on self-perceived quality of life and related to foot health in Parkinson's patients compared to a group of healthy subjects and to measure it with Spanish Podiatry Health Questionnaire (PHQ-S). It is about a case-control study in a sample of Parkinson's patients n = 62, healthy controls n = 62. The…

Development and evaluation of a machine learning-based in-hospital COVID-19 disease outcome predictor (CODOP): A multicontinental retrospective study.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Klén, Riku, Purohit, Disha, Gómez-Huelgas, Ricardo, Casas-Rojo, José Manuel, Antón-Santos, Juan Miguel, Núñez-Cortés, Jesús Millán, Lumbreras, Carlos, Ramos-Rincón, José Manuel, García Barrio, Noelia, Pedrera-Jiménez, Miguel, Lalueza Blanco, Antonio, Martin-Escalante, María Dolores, Rivas-Ruiz, Francisco, Onieva-García, Maria Ángeles, Young, Pablo, Ramirez, Juan Ignacio, Titto Omonte, Estela Edith, Gross Artega, Rosmery, Canales Beltrán, Magdy Teresa, Valdez, Pascual Ruben, Pugliese, Florencia, Castagna, Rosa, Huespe, Ivan A, Boietti, Bruno, Pollan, Javier A, Funke, Nico, Leiding, Benjamin, Gómez-Varela, David

New SARS-CoV-2 variants, breakthrough infections, waning immunity, and sub-optimal vaccination rates account for surges of hospitalizations and deaths. There is an urgent need for clinically valuable and generalizable triage tools assisting the allocation of hospital resources, particularly in resource-limited countries. We developed and validate CODOP, a machine learning-based tool for predicting the clinical outcome of hospitalized COVID-19 patients. CODOP was trained, tested and validated…

N-Acetylcysteine for the Management of Non-Acetaminophen Drug-Induced Liver Injury in Adults: A Systematic Review.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Sanabria-Cabrera, Judith, Tabbai, Sara, Niu, Hao, Alvarez-Alvarez, Ismael, Licata, Anna, Björnsson, Einar, Andrade, Raul J, Lucena, M Isabel

Introduction: Idiosyncratic drug-induced liver injury (DILI) is a rare adverse reaction to drugs and other xenobiotics. DILI has different grades of severity and may lead to acute liver failure (ALF), for which there is no effective therapy. N-acetylcysteine (NAC) has been occasionally tested for the treatment of non-acetaminophen drug-induced ALF. However, limited evidence for its efficacy and safety is currently available. Our aim was to elucidate the benefit and safety of NAC in DILI and…

Spanish cross-cultural adaptation and validation of the Australian Pelvic Floor Questionnaire in running women.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Molina-Torres, Guadalupe, Guallar-Bouloc, Marina, Galán-Mercant, Alejandro, Kasper-Jędrzejewska, Martyna, Merchán-Baeza, José Antonio, Gonzalez-Sanchez, Manuel

Pelvic floor dysfunctions are a wide range of disorders in the gynaecological, lower urinary and gastrointestinal tracts that affect the structure and/or function of the pelvic organs. The objective of this study was to carry out a cross-cultural adaptation and a psychometric analysis of the Spanish version of the Australian Pelvic Floor Questionnaire. Observational study divided into two main phases: (1) translation and cross-cultural adaptation and (2) psychometric tests. Women runners from…

Smartphone applications for physical activity promotion from physical education.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Gil-Espinosa, Francisco Javier, Nielsen-Rodríguez, Adriana, Romance, Ramón, Burgueño, Rafael

Smartphone applications (apps) are thought to be an adequate instructional strategy not only to improve the quality of the teaching in physical education (PE), but also to effectively promote leisure-time physical activity (PA) of adolescent students in this context. Although the use of smartphone apps has been generalized in PE, little is known about the curricular approach of smartphone apps to be implemented by teacher to teach specific curricular contents in PE lessons. Therefore, the aim…

Alcohol-Endocannabinoid Interactions: Implications for Addiction-Related Behavioral Processes.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Serrano, Antonia, Natividad, Luis A

The endogenous cannabinoid system is involved in several physiological functions in the central nervous system including the modulation of brain reward circuitry and emotional homeostasis. Substantial evidence implicates brain endocannabinoid signaling in the processing of drug-induced reward states, wherein repeated exposure besets pathological changes in activity that contribute to the progression of alcohol use disorder. This review provides a narrative summary of recent studies exploring…

Plasma Levels of Endocannabinoids and Their Analogues Are Related to Specific Fecal Bacterial Genera in Young Adults: Role in Gut Barrier Integrity.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Ortiz-Alvarez, Lourdes, Xu, Huiwen, Di, Xinyu, Kohler, Isabelle, Osuna-Prieto, Francisco J, Acosta, Francisco M, Vilchez-Vargas, Ramiro, Link, Alexander, Plaza-Díaz, Julio, van der Stelt, Mario, Hankemeier, Thomas, Clemente-Postigo, Mercedes, Tinahones, Francisco J, Gil, Angel, Rensen, Patrick C N, Ruiz, Jonatan R, Martinez-Tellez, Borja

To investigate the association of plasma levels of endocannabinoids with fecal microbiota. Plasma levels of endocannabinoids, anandamide (AEA) and 2-arachidonoylglycerol (2-AG), as well as their eleven analogues, and arachidonic acid (AA), were measured using liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry in 92 young adults. DNA extracted from stool samples was analyzed using 16S rRNA gene sequencing. Lipopolysaccharide levels were measured in plasma samples. Plasma levels of endocannabinoids…

Setting up criteria for drug-induced autoimmune-like hepatitis through a systematic analysis of published reports.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Björnsson, Einar S, Medina-Caliz, Inmaculada, Andrade, Raul J, Lucena, M Isabel

Nitrofurantoin, minocycline, methyldopa and infliximab, have been found to induce autoimmune-like hepatitis (DI-AILH). Evidence for other drugs and herbal and dietary supplements (HDS) is unclear. The aims of the study were to establish criteria to define and review the published evidence of suspected DI-AILH. Search was undertaken in Pubmed using search terms "drug-induced liver injury," "autoimmune hepatitis," and "drug-induced autoimmune hepatitis." DI-AILH was…

Long-term priming of hypothalamic microglia is associated with energy balance disturbances under diet-induced obesity.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Fernández-Arjona, María Del Mar, León-Rodríguez, Ana, Grondona, Jesús M, López-Ávalos, María D

Exposure of microglia to an inflammatory environment may lead to their priming and exacerbated response to future inflammatory stimuli. Here we aimed to explore hypothalamic microglia priming and its consequences on energy balance regulation. A model of intracerebroventricular administration of neuraminidase (NA, which is present in various pathogens such as influenza virus) was used to induce acute neuroinflammation. Evidences of primed microglia were observed 3 months after NA injection,…

Pseudomonas aeruginosa Community-Onset Bloodstream Infections: Characterization, Diagnostic Predictors, and Predictive Score Development-Results from the PRO-BAC Cohort.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Martínez Pérez-Crespo, Pedro María, Rojas, Álvaro, Lanz-García, Joaquín Felipe, Retamar-Gentil, Pilar, Reguera-Iglesias, José María, Lima-Rodríguez, Olalla, Del Arco Jiménez, Alfonso, Fernández Suárez, Jonathan, Jover-Saenz, Alfredo, Goikoetxea Aguirre, Josune, León Jiménez, Eva, Cantón-Bulnes, María Luisa, Ortega Lafont, Pilar, Armiñanzas Castillo, Carlos, Sevilla Blanco, Juan, Cuquet Pedragosa, Jordi, Boix-Palop, Lucía, Becerril Carral, Berta, Bahamonde-Carrasco, Alberto, Marrodan Ciordia, Teresa, Natera Kindelán, Clara, Reche Molina, Isabel María, Herrero Rodríguez, Carmen, Pérez Camacho, Inés, Vinuesa García, David, Galán-Sánchez, Fátima, Smithson Amat, Alejandro, Merino de Lucas, Esperanza, Sánchez-Porto, Antonio, Guzmán García, Marcos, López-Hernández, Inmaculada, Rodríguez-Baño, Jesús, López-Cortés, Luis Eduardo, On Behalf Of The Probac Reipi/Geih-Seimc/Saei Group,

Community-onset bloodstream infections (CO-BSI) caused by gram-negative bacilli are common and associated with significant mortality; those caused by Pseudomonas aeruginosa are associated with worse prognosis and higher rates of inadequateempirical antibiotic treatment. The aims of this study were to describe the characteristics of patients with CO-BSI caused by P. aeruginosa, to identify predictors, and to develop a predictive score for P. aeruginosa CO-BSI. Materials/methods: PROBAC is a…

Secretory Profile of Adipose-Tissue-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells from Cats with Calicivirus-Positive Severe Chronic Gingivostomatitis.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Villatoro, Antonio J, Martín-Astorga, María Del Carmen, Alcoholado, Cristina, Kazantseva, Liliya, Cárdenas, Casimiro, Fariñas, Fernando, Becerra, José, Visser, Rick

The feline calicivirus (FCV) causes infections in cats all over the world and seems to be related to a broad variety of clinical presentations, such as feline chronic gingivostomatitis (FCGS), a severe oral pathology in cats. Although its etiopathogeny is largely unknown, FCV infection is likely to be a main predisposing factor for developing this pathology. During recent years, new strategies for treating FCGS have been proposed, based on the use of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) and their…

Standardization of molecular monitoring of CML: results and recommendations from the European treatment and outcome study.

Repositorio: Repisalud
White, Helen E, Salmon, Matthew, Albano, Francesco, Andersen, Christina Søs Auður, Balabanov, Stefan, Balatzenko, Gueorgui, Barbany, Gisela, Cayuela, Jean-Michel, Cerveira, Nuno, Cochaux, Pascale, Colomer, Dolors, Coriu, Daniel, Diamond, Joana, Dietz, Christian, Dulucq, Stéphanie, Engvall, Marie, Franke, Georg N, Gineikiene-Valentine, Egle, Gniot, Michal, Gómez-Casares, María Teresa, Gottardi, Enrico, Hayden, Chloe, Hayette, Sandrine, Hedblom, Andreas, Ilea, Anca, Izzo, Barbara, Jiménez-Velasco, Antonio, Jurcek, Tomas, Kairisto, Veli, Langabeer, Stephen E, Lion, Thomas, Meggyesi, Nora, Mešanović, Semir, Mihok, Luboslav, Mitterbauer-Hohendanner, Gerlinde, Moeckel, Sylvia, Naumann, Nicole, Nibourel, Olivier, Oppliger Leibundgut, Elisabeth, Panayiotidis, Panayiotis, Podgornik, Helena, Pott, Christiane, Rapado, Inmaculada, Rose, Susan J, Schäfer, Vivien, Touloumenidou, Tasoula, Veigaard, Christopher, Venniker-Punt, Bianca, Venturi, Claudia, Vigneri, Paolo, Vorkinn, Ingvild, Wilkinson, Elizabeth, Zadro, Renata, Zawada, Magdalena, Zizkova, Hana, Müller, Martin C, Saussele, Susanne, Ernst, Thomas, Machova Polakova, Katerina, Hochhaus, Andreas, Cross, Nicholas C P

Standardized monitoring of BCR

Dynamic Epicardial Contribution to Cardiac Interstitial c-Kit and Sca1 Cellular Fractions.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Pogontke, C, Guadix, J A, Sánchez-Tévar, A M, Muñoz-Chápuli, R, Ruiz-Villalba, A, Pérez-Pomares, J M

Background: The cardiac interstitial cellular fraction is composed of multiple cell types. Some of these cells are known to express some well-known stem cell markers such as c-Kit and Sca1, but they are no longer accepted to be true cardiac stem cells. Although their existence in the cardiac interstitium has not been disputed, their dynamic throughout development, specific embryonic origin, and potential heterogeneity remain unknown. In this study, we hypothesized that both c-KitPOS and Sca1POS…

Myeloperoxidase and Advanced Oxidation Protein Products in the Cerebrospinal Fluid in Women and Men with Parkinson's Disease.

Repositorio: Repisalud
Fernández-Espejo, Emilio, Rodríguez de Fonseca, Fernando, Gavito, Ana Luisa, Córdoba-Fernández, Antonio, Chacón, José, Martín de Pablos, Ángel

Background: Myeloperoxidase (MPO) and advanced oxidation protein products, or AOPP (a type of MPO-derived chlorinated adducts), have been implicated in Parkinson´s disease (PD). Human MPO also show sex-based differences in PD. The objective was to study the relationship of MPO and AOPP in the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) with motor features of idiopathic PD in male and female patients. Methods: MPO concentration and activity and AOPP content were measured in the CSF and serum in 34 patients and 30…